7 best in-ear headphones under $50

Are you planning to buy the best in-ear headset to listen to music but your money doesn’t allow you to spend too much? This article is for you.

Currently, listening to music with headphones has become very popular. However, you should not abuse your ears with cheap headphones that are so bad that you can get a headache after listening to music for a few hours, which can affect your hearing in the long run force.

However, maybe for many different reasons, you’re still not ready to spend millions on a high-end headset. Understanding that, we have screened and synthesized the best earphones that cost less than $50 for you.

1. SoundMagic E10S

After a period of development efforts, despite not spending heavily on advertising like other brands, SoundMagic has become a trusted name with a range of good and good headphones. Prominent among them is the E10S model – an improved version of the successful E10 headset model.

The E10S is packed quite carefully, comes with a headset bag, clip hook, 3 sets of normal silicone ear tips and a 2-story ear tip for users to change according to their needs.

Besides, the E10S also has good finishing quality and the whole headphone case is made of metal. The sound quality of this headset has also been carefully adjusted by SoundMagic, especially the bass section so that you can still use the headset for a long time without a headache.

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2. Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood

The second character on this list is the NRG in-ear headset from Symphonized.

Don’t let the look of this headset fool you. Although NRG’s design is somewhat “chic”, its price is only about $ 25.

NRG has about 7 different colors for you to choose from, mostly fresh, dynamic colors. Comes with the headset is a soft carrying bag with 6 sets of ear tip with 2 different colors.

A convenient feature for this headset model is that it has a built-in microphone and music control button, allowing users to select music while exercising or other activities. In addition, NRG will also make you more interested in practicing with good performances of exciting songs.

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3. Sennheiser CX 3.00

In addition to on-ear earphones and over-ear models, Sennheiser also owns a collection of in-ear headphones in many different price segments and has become one of the music lovers’ top choices.

Among these, CX 3.00 – one of the new CX headphones, deserves the third place in the list of the best in-ear earphones below 50 USD.

CX 3.00 has a rather compact design and is comfortable to wear. This headset model has 2 black and red versions so you can choose according to your preference.

In addition, CX 3.00 also has ear tip made from high quality plastic, designed so that users can insert headphones into the ear canal and give a better sound experience.

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4. Phiaton MS 100 BA

A brand sounds very strange right? However, Phiaton has quite a lot of potential earphones in this article under 50 USD.

Although only released in 2008, Phiaton has achieved achievements that can make us admire. For the MS 100 BA headphones, that’s the impressive sound quality inside the red and black plastic casing.

Besides, being able to make MS 100 BA the best headset model under 50 USD is because it is equipped with Balanced Armature drivers – driver type for sound tightness and higher detail. Believe me, Phiaton MS 100 BA is a very good headset model, because the headset model uses the cheapest BA driver (apart from the MS 100 BA) for about $ 50 already. In addition, compared to other BA headphones, the bass range of MS 100 BA is quite impressive although it only uses one BA driver on each ear.

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5. MEE Audio M6 Pro

If you like a headset that can swap cables, the M6 Pro will be a perfect choice for you.

Unique design with transparent plastic cover, to reveal the driver inside is also a unique feature of this headset model. The M6 ​​Pro has two color versions, black and transparent.

For a product that costs less than $ 50, the accessory of the M6 ​​Pro headset may surprise you. In addition to the headset bag and 6 ear tip sets (including 3 ear tip types), we also have a jack to convert from 3.5mm to 6.3mm and 2 earphones – 1 with mic and 1 without mic, to Users can change according to user needs.

The M6 ​​Pro’s fairly neutral sound quality makes this headset model play well and coordinate with a variety of sources, from phones to music players. However, if you are a basshead, I think you should look for another headset model, such as the NRG headset in 2nd place.

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6. RHA S500

If you are a person who likes listening to music, you will probably understand how RHA has a weight for the sound quality of headphones. Most RHA earphones use aluminum housing, although it is a low-cost product. Therefore, RHA S500 is no exception.

The cable of RHA S500 is also taken care of quite a bit by RHA: while the wire is made quite simply with rubber material, the lower part of this headset is wrapped with anti-breaking wire, contributing to increase the durability product.

Comes with the RHA S500 is 6 sets of ear tip, including 1 set of ear tip 2 floors for anyone who likes to plug the headset deep into the ear. Besides, the small size of this headset also helps users to wear comfortably and store the bag easily when not in use.

Like its metal appearance, the RHA S500 has a bright, metallic sound. This type of sound can be a bit picky, but if you can hear it for a long time, you will feel its goodness.

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7. Sol Republic Relays Sport

As its name suggests, Relays Sport is a Sol Republic headset designed for people who like to listen to music during training, and is extremely useful in waterproof.

Besides, although the housing of Relays Sport looks “weird”, if properly fitted with the ear tip size fits snugly on the user’s ears, this design will help the headphones stick to your ears. Therefore, you will not have to worry about it being dropped even though you are doing a series of high-speed exercises.

Although only a cheap headset, Relays Sport still carries acceptable sound quality for the majority of popular users. Its bass sound will be the ideal catalyst with lively songs, which will help you increase your inspiration when playing sports.

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