How to use headphones bluetooth

If you want to know how to use a bluetooth headset, this article will give you enough information so you can use your bluetooth headset quickly.

Bluetooth headset is one of the technology devices with many utilities that use Bluetooth wireless connectivity to operate in order to bring comfort, convenience and tidy. For many people who use it for the first time, it is often unknown and inevitable that there are some connection issues, as well as the best headset tuning. When you choose to buy a bluetooth headset you must ensure that your phone has a Bluetooth connection and that the headset is also integrated for compatible use with the phone. Here we will show you how to connect and use the best bluetooth headphones.

Step 1: Press and hold the start button on the headset for about 5 seconds, recheck the battery and charge it if it is full, after 5 seconds there will be a blinking light then the headset is started

Step 2: Turn on the bluetooth on your phone, detect the device to connect.

Step 3: In the list of devices to connect when the detection process in step 2 ends, you choose the name of the headset to connect to the phone.

Step 4: When selecting the headset to connect, the phone will ask for the password to be connected, the password that was written by the manufacturer inside the user guide inside the box.

Step 5: Entering the Bluetooth headset password will automatically connect, then test this wireless headset by turning on your favorite songs in your phone.

You can also customize the volume and answer incoming calls with a wireless bluetooth headset if it has a function to call. In addition to the main use of calling and watching movies via Bluetooth headset, its use is waiting for you to discover as there is no need to hold directly to the phone like Apple has applied on iphone 7, the distance is Connect to a phone up to 10m which is also a strong point of Bluetooth headsets you can stand a long distance and still be able to hear incoming calls without running to search your phone.

The above is enough for you to own a wireless Bluetooth headset right now, buy yourself a high-end Bluetooth headset right away and enjoy the great use of the Bluetooth headset era. Now don’t let others say you are a technology behind.


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