Steelseries Arctis 7 is the most advanced product of the headset Arctis range from the most popular gaming gear company today: Steelseries. Launched at the end of 2016, Steelseries Arctis 7 has immediately made a huge buzz in the gamer community in particular and technology enthusiasts in general, including the award of the 2017 Red Dot design.

Design and features

Unlike the previous versions of Arctis 3 and Arctis 5, the biggest difference from the design of Arctis 7 is that the frame is made of aluminum, giving the frame a sure frame.

Fortunately, the cloth padding with Steelseries’s eye-catching ski-goggles design will spread the weight on your head, much more comfortable than headphones directly attached to regular pads. You can even choose strap with many different motifs, express your personality through the official website of Steelseries.

The grip of Arctis 7 is extremely stable with a grip of nearly 600g and the user doesn’t even need to worry about the headset being thrown out of position in his case too “furious” with the game. However, with its compact design and good grip, this product is only suitable for gamers with small and medium sized heads.

In addition, using two hands to remove the headset from the head should be kept in mind, avoiding using a hand-removing hand for pressure to focus on one side and reducing the natural grip of the headphone.

Although equipped with the best gaming ClearCast microphone technology, you may be a bit disappointed with the sound quality from the mic. When gaming, your teammates at the top of the other side will be a bit difficult to distinguish when the voice will have the “muffled” characteristic of the nasal tone. However, it is still acceptable because, anyway, wireless connection waves are more or less affected.

Battery life is also a strength of Steelseries Arctis 7 when the actual time can be used continuously for up to 20 hours if you set up without Prism RGB lights via the exclusive Steelseries Engine 3 custom software Steelseries. Automatically stops the operation to save energy within 10 minutes without any operation or program that does not require audio output.

Software compatibility is also a strong point of Arctis 7 because of its ease of use. As soon as you connect Hub Wireless and activate Steelseries Arctis 7, the Engine will automatically identify the product and download the necessary drivers that users do not need to perform any operations and are ready for “the first time.” ” mine. The wireless connection function performed very well when the user could take the headset away from the source to ~ 9m (30feet) without disturbing the sound quality. Only one note, the ability to receive / broadcast will be significantly weakened if it is separated by an object the size of a glass wall.

Owning Arctis 7 also increases your aesthetics. Imagine, set-up with your Apex M750 mechanical keyboard, gaming Rival 310 mouse, Arctis 7 wireless headset and QCK Prism touchpad, all working together and creating a light symphony. synchronized and beautiful through the setting of Steelseries Engine, like the aurora light in cold northern Europe, under the command of the conductor is yourself with the support of Steelseries Engine 3. A very right scene no?

Sound quality

AirWeave ear cushions: inspired by the fabrics found in sportswear, Characteristics soft, dry, and kept clear for hours of gaming. Thanks to this ear cushion, the soundproofing ability makes it easy for users to enjoy their favorite music regardless of whether they are in busy crowded traffic. The sound of headphones is also difficult to escape, affecting people around. Overall great soundproofing capabilities of Steelseries Arctis 7.

The sound quality of Arctis 7 is quite good with the S1 Speaker + DTS X Headset: Using a speaker similar to the high-end headphones, S1 is designed to provide a detailed balanced sound, balanced with the Extremely low distortion.

The bass is the most prominent vocal range from the writer’s point of view. Healthy and round bass and combined with over-ear, closed back designs enhance the hearing experience to the climax if you enjoy the bass drop features of EDM or Dubstep genre.

The mid sound, which represents the frequency range that represents the human voice, is equally impressive when users can easily hear both vocals and individual instruments while enjoying the melody. main. It didn’t matter that it was Eminem’s intense, intense voice or melodiousness that was filled with the power of Sia and Adele.

Steelseries Arctis 7 shows its strength. With the Flat option on the Steelseries Engine software, every timbre is standard and clearly shows the emotion and context of the game. From Captain America’s battle screams in Marvel Heroes to the sound of the Zerg’s death when destroyed by the Terran army in StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops.

The surround sound makes everything even better with the Immersion setting in The Witcher 3 creating a reasonable balance between the character conversation, the metallic clash of fights when fighting the sword to the fierce hissing wind. of the storm raging on the sea.


Compete directly with wireless gaming headset products like Logitech G933, Razer Man’o War or Corsair Void Pro, Arctis 7 deserves to be the trump card of gaming gear manufacturer from Denmark. By this headset is the perfect combination of exquisite design, realistic sound and reasonable price.


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