The reasons you should use a wireless headset

wireless headphones (or Bluetooth headsets) in recent years are making great strides, but are still underestimated compared to classic wired headsets. However, you might think again if you read the article below.

Wireless devices for years come back here that are no longer too expensive for technology enthusiasts. Instead, they are increasingly improving in quality, and adding more popularity in our busy lives.

At work, you can easily see wireless mice, wireless keyboards, and wireless printers. When I got home, it was not difficult to see smartphones and tablets that came with a wireless charger. But there is another wireless device that has always been underestimated compared to its brothers of the same technology, different from its category. This is a wireless headset.

But with wireless technology improving, and improving quality in recent years, here are the reasons you should seriously think about this point.

Sound quality

In fact, wireless headphones, or Bluetooth headsets have been the devices that bring no small convenience to technology users, especially with dynamic young people, personality. This is also the reason that Americans, who are known for their high practicality, love wireless headsets because they are too suitable for their busy lifestyle.

Imagine them – people who are so busy that they want to save time, even the smallest and simplest movements, such as pulling the phone, bringing it to their ears, were happy to own a headset. help them fully fulfill that wish.

In contrast to the United States, in many other countries wireless headphones are not really attractive to users, because these headphones often have poor sound quality, or at least cannot be compared to other headphones. Common wired headset model. The reason, everyone knows, is that the complexity of the audio signals cannot be easily transmitted through the Bluetooth wireless port.

But this is the story of one, until two years ago. Since then, audio technology on Bluetooth headsets has been much improved. Now, wireless headphones have overcome the problem of interference, wave deviation, leading to deviation, or lack of sound tunes in a piece of music, or a movie.

Although it is difficult to conquer the people specializing in the field of music listening, also known as audiofille when compared to the high-end line headphones, but it is undeniable that the sound quality on wireless headphones no longer proved to be too inferior to before.

Even the leading audio experts acknowledge that they are gradually changing their views when given the opportunity to experience some of the high-end wireless headsets. For ordinary users like us, it is more difficult to recognize the difference in sound quality on a classic wired headset, and a new wireless headset.

About battery life

One of the biggest complaints of wireless headset users is the battery. But let’s look at a fact: How many people use smartphones, tablets, or laptops that are comfortable with their usage time? The battery on mobile devices has been a problem with not only users, but also manufacturers.

One of the biggest complaints of wireless headset users is the battery. But let’s look at a fact: How many people use smartphones, tablets, or laptops that are comfortable with their usage time? The battery on a mobile device is a problem causing headaches not only for users, but also for manufacturers.

However, in the last few years, the accompanying technologies to optimize usage time are taking amazing steps, and this also includes high-end wireless headsets. Sennheiser Momentum, Sony MDR-ZX770BT, Beats Solo 2 or Mad Catz F.R.E.Q 9 are living witnesses for that judgment.

Along with the development of faster Bluetooth 4.0 technology, less power consumption, mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and headsets have even more hope to affirm their strength and time. durable battery in the future.

About development potential

In the IT age, when everything around us is made modern, intelligent, and minimalist, wireless technology in general, always plays an extremely important role.

One of the indispensable strengths of wireless headsets, it is very good compatibility with the environment with many technology devices. Imagine an “IT room” with smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, smartwatch, or even smarthouse, working on a small wireless headset but connected to all How will all the devices bring great utility.

In fact, many proofs that wireless headsets have a tendency to become market dominators, by being one of the most robust headphones market share in the past 2 years and increasing sales. skyrocket. Many well-known retail chains in the world like Best Buy, eBay, Amazon are also beginning to plan big advertisements for a range of wireless headsets with all kinds of models.

Manufacturers, including many big players in the field of sound such as Sennheiser, Beats, Sony and many other brands also soon realized this trend, and quickly adapted by launching wireless headsets. Unique design, comes with high sound quality.


Technology should be something invisible, but still make us feel more natural, more comfortable in life. And wireless headphones really did that. Now if you are asked, perhaps you will be able to tell a series of benefits that wireless headphones can bring, but I personally just want to listen to music while brushing my teeth, while working, when exercising. still comfortable with a wireless headset.


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